Ginny Parker - Your Chef

Ginny has made food her life's passion. Her unique gift for cooking and baking, coupled with her knowledge of the international food scene, make meal-times a culinary adventure. But her creative juices don't stop there. They flow into other creative hobbies such as bead-work, knitting, sewing, and wire jewelry-making. She also enjoys gardening, walking, yoga, Sodoku, puzzles, and making assorted Kombucha and fruit jams. 

  • AA Hotel & Restaurant Cooking

  • AA Baking Assistant


Steve Parker - Your Teacher

Steve's naturally warm and involving manner allow him to establish a relaxed and comfortable rapport with his students. His cultural knowledge and sensitivity is outstanding due to his unique life experience and background. These qualities, coupled with his genuine desire to have a positive impact on the lives of his learners and to bridge cultural barriers, allow him to be a very effective ESL teacher and culture coach. Steve loves volunteering as a mentor for at-risk youth and men in recovery. He enjoys learning about history, ethnology/ethnography, genealogy, theology, and Christian apologetics. He also enjoys playing handball, hiking and marinating in the great outdoors.

  • BA Theology & Intercultural Studies

  • Certified TESOL/TESL